Thinking about a new haircut? Mens Hairstyle That Need to avoid


Gentlemen hairstyle makes a statement about who we are it is a quad outward expression of our personal taste style and attitude but on the follicle flipside if you choose a style that is dated a little bit lame or dorky you are doomed like it or not gentlemen people are forming opinions on us based solely on what we look like and hairstyle happens to be one of those things that they actually consider is it fair No is it reasonable probably not but is it a reality absolutely and so today gentlemen I’m going over ten hair styling don’ts hair styling mistake.

1.  The mullet business and front party in the back this style gained popularity back in the 80s but the mullet is still alive and kicking on Southern studs aka rednecks hairstyle Does.

2.  Dreadlocks on white guys sacked dreadlocks are cool on black guys white dudes just look dirty just doesn’t work this it doesn’t translate black dude hair is built for dreadlocks it looks incredible white dudes it just looks smelly dirty and to get it Yee now that being said I have seen it work and look incredibly great on a few super studly white dudes but you’re probably not him and so don’t try don’t.

3.  Guido hair or helmet uber product and process gentlemen it’s just the big old don’t do it don’t.

4.  Bad dye job to die or not to die this is the question that many men face as the greys start to pop up now I did a video where I took my dad Papa a to the salon to undergo a treatment called color camo it basically leaves a little salt in the pepper and it’s remarkable if you missed that video it’s listed in linked down in the description don’t.

5.  You know it was coming the comb over here losses a boys trying to hide it camouflage it by strategically swirling combing growing extra hair long and flipping it over is even more of a the only one you’re fooling as yourself dude everybody else knows that that is strategically grown flipped take it off you got this your confidence is going to go through the roof instead of all day being like is it still in the you can just be like yo whatever I’m balding sexy as hell piece still .

6. Bieber hair so are you still somebody who’s doing that all the time flipping your freakin hair out of your face it drives me nuts he’s still killing rocking the Bieber hair guess what have you seen Biebs lately he upgraded so should you which is the perfect segue into don’t.

7.  Which is keeping a trendy style too long I’m looking at you man bun I’m not saying I’m just saying it might be time to don’t .

8.  Is the unrealistic hairstyle I see this all the time over a Pete and Pedro um guys will send me pictures of themselves in their hair or hairstyle that they’re looking for and being like yo this is me this is the hairstyle I want what product should I use because if you guys are looking for the right and the best product for your hair you can just send us an email at hair help at Beaton Pedro calm it’s listed in linked in the description and we will be happy to make a hair product not style product recommendation for you in order to determine a hair styles viability for you you need to be realistic in terms of hair texture density hairline they’re all factors don’t.

9.  Greasy hair this is so incredibly common guys use too much product they don’t shower whatever the problem their hair looks greasy all right there’s a big difference between having product in order to style and hold and greasy look my hair doesn’t look greasy no but I still got product in it don’t .

10. Having a hairstyle that you don’t dig alright we cannot all have luscious flowing amazing locks of lusciousness it’s just not in the cards for some of us but this doesn’t mean we can’t have a style that we dig.


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So, before mentioning the points, let me clarify a thing to you guys First two points will be…

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