15 Romantic And Magical Christmas Dates For Couples


Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or happily married, the holidays are not the time to put fun dates on hold. With these Christmas date ideas, your holiday dates will be more magical. During the holidays, it’s easy to get caught up in everything that needs to be done and let the romance go on autopilot.

How about turning all those Christmas activities into a romantic date by doing them together? Your relationship will appreciate it, and I’m sure someone will get some sugar cookie points.

Romantic Date Ideas for Christmas for Couples

We love going out on Christmas dates, and you will too. The holidays, snow, and Christmas lights make any date romantic and full of love. It all makes the room feel warm and cozy, which is great for spending time with the person you love.

Do some window shopping.

Set up a time to go window shopping. It can be very magical to walk down the street hand in hand and look at the windows of stores. See how excited each other gets when they see something they want in the window. Or even more fun is to talk about something they used to have when they were young. During the holidays, it’s easy to see what makes people happy. You could find out what to put under the tree.

Date in a coffee shop

Set up a time to meet at the local coffee shop and try out some new holiday drinks. This time of year, many baristas can make unique drinks. Get small drinks and pass them around. The vacation is a fantastic time to attempt a few different drinks.

Ride a sleigh through the snow.

What’s more magical and romantic than a ride in a sleigh? I think of every Hallmark movie or small town when I think about this idea. I can’t help but picture the man offering his hand to help his girl into the sleigh, and then the two of them covering themselves with the blanket and riding off into the snow. Hide a flask of hot cocoa in the sleigh as a bonus.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of those things that makes me feel like I’m back in my teens. It is also a very romantic thing, especially if you hold hands and help each other stay upright. Some rinks have a place inside where you can buy hot chocolate and warm up. Or, you could go home for a Hot Toddy and a warm, friendly fire.

Find the finest area and observe the streetlights.

I love going out at night in my car. During the Christmas season, lights and music make everything feel more romantic. Make it a date to drive around and see which neighborhood has the best lights. We’ve been doing this for years, and it’s fun to see how each house or neighborhood changes.

Deck the halls with boughs

Decorate the inside or outside of the house as a date. They shouldn’t have to worry about decorating. It’s so much more fun to do these things with other people. After you’re done decorating, you may need to move things around, but it’s fun to spend time together. You never know if your guy is good at decorating and has never told you.

The first year we were together, Gary asked if he could help decorate the Christmas tree. Of course, I said. Now he’s bringing in the Christmas decorations so we can put them up together before I’m even ready. He likes to decorate and celebrate the holidays. It’s great!

Go to a thrift store and buy an ugly sweater.

You must have a Christmas party with ugly sweaters on your list. See who can find the ugliest Christmas sweater and make it a game. Better yet, get out all the different crafts, tinsel, and anything else fun you have lying around, and each of you makes your ugly sweater. The more messed up, the better.

Attend the Nutcracker Ballet or a Christmas Theater Production.

As a child, my youngest daughter loved ballet and took classes. Every Christmas, it became a tradition to go to the Nutcracker Ballet and watch her dance. Even though she’s grown up, we still find a local company that does the Nutcracker Ballet and see it as a date. We get dressed up for the ballet, eat dinner before the show, and then hold hands as we watch Clara dream about the mouse king.

S’mores in front of the fire

Why only eat s’mores in the summer? Gather all the things you like to put in s’mores, or be creative and try something new. Try making your marshmallows to put on your s’mores.

Create a snowman.

Get a carrot, an old scarf, and a top hat. Wrap up warm and go outside to make the season’s first snowman. Even better, make two, one boy and one girl. Try to think of ways to get them to hold hands, or have one of them bring a gift for the other. What can you think of? If you don’t have an old top hat lying around, you can use any of these snowman kits.

Take a snowy stroll.

This is my favorite. On a snowy night, take a walk. I love going for walks with Gary at night. Add the Christmas lights, the street lights, and the snow falling. How wonderful is that?

Make Christmas cookies

Get all of these things, along with many sprinkles, and spend the night together making and decorating Christmas cookies. How much flour does each of you end up with? Who can come up with more creative ways to decorate?

Put together a gingerbread house.

I always need a few extra hands when building a gingerbread house. Bake your gingerbread early in the day, pour a glass of wine, and get to work making the best gingerbread house ever.

Purchase and decorate a Christmas tree together

Go to a Christmas tree farm in your area, walk around, and pick out the perfect tree. Cut the tree down, carry it out of the woods together, bring it home, and decorate it to show off your strength.


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