10 Entertaining Games For Couples, It’s Playtime!


If you and your partner always do the same boring things, it could kill the romance in your relationship and make you less fond of each other. The best way to leave the monotony is to play some fun games with your partner that aren’t too hard or complicated.

Couple games can help you solve problems and talk to each other better while making you feel closer and more connected. This gives couples a chance to connect in a new and different way, making their friendship stronger and building a strong base.

You can try any of the couple games we’ve put together and see how they affect your relationship. This article lists the top 21 fun and romance games for marriages that you should try to strengthen your relationship.

The Picture Game

When playing a romantic game, it’s not that bad to make up your own rules. Put pictures on all of the sides of a small cube-shaped box. You can pick the pictures, but the naughtier they are, the better.

Take turns throwing the box as if it were dice. Your boyfriend needs to do what the picture shows. It would help if you did what the picture shows when he throws it. You can use pictures of people kissing, holding hands, biting each other’s ears, etc.

Romantic Scrabble

Everyone has played Scrabble at least once. But have you ever tried romantically playing this? You can make up your own rules for romantic scrabble, like only using sexy or romantic words to play.

You can also make this game more interesting by picking a category as “Strip scrabbles” or “Kiss scrabble.” When you obtain a certain number of points, your SO has to kiss you or take something off. It is a must-play game for couples that will get things going.

Drinking Roulette

To play, you need two glasses and some drinks, preferably wine. The drink doesn’t have to be alcohol, though. If you don’t drink, you can get a soft drink. One of you will ask a question in the game, and the other will have to say “yes” or “no.”

If the answer is “yes,” the person asked to take a sip will have to do so. No one has to drink if the answer is “no.” You can play this pub quiz with flaming tequila shots if you’re in a bar. If you’re at home or in a diner, you can sip whatever is available, even coke. The main goal is to have a lot of fun, so you can change the rules to make the game more fun for you and your friends.

Sink the Boat

Sink the ship is a fun game that couples often play together. In this game, you have to pour your drink into a shot glass floating in liquid in a larger glass. The goal is to maintain the shot glass from going down.

To play it romantically, you need to make it more about yourself. Ask your bae to play the game with you, and whoever loses has to do whatever their bae asks them to do. Use your mind to make the game more exciting. When you can, give punishments for being bad.

Never Have I Ever

This play is easy to learn and a lot of fun to play. This is a great game to play at home every night or during a holiday. On one side of a piece of paper or cardboard, write “Never”, and on the other side, “I Have.” That’s it; you’re good to go!

Start to ask your partner questions. For example, if you say, “I’ve been arrested for speeding,” both of you will show your picket signs simultaneously.

But if it does apply to you, you should show the ‘I Have’ side. This will help you and your boyfriend or girlfriend get along well. This game can be played with other couples as well. Read this article for more suggestions.

Truth Or Dare

Truth or dare is always fun. It’s easy to make it into one of the best games for two people to play at home. Not a lot of people around to play it with? No problem! Go ahead and play with your little one. If they choose “Truth,” you can ask them funny or personal questions, and if they choose “Dare,” you can turn up the heat. Here are some questions you can use for “truth or dare.”

Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Treasure Hunt was a fun game. Why not play it romantically and make it your own to make it one of the best games for couples to have fun with? Set up a hunt and leave a few cute clues to lead your significant other to the great surprise you have planned. The gift can be everything from a look they’ve wanted to a candlelit dinner for two or even you.

Pretzel Challenge

When was the last time you and you hung out in the kitchen? If you can’t remember the last time you and your bae cooked together, it’s time to drag them into the kitchen and make something fun like pretzels.

You can even fix a time restriction to make the game more fun. Find out who in the kitchen is the faster or better cook. If, like us, you would rather consume pretzels than create them, and you may change this game into a pretzel-eating contest.

Deal Or No Deal

You can take Deal or No Deal to a whole new level of romance. This simple game can become one of the most exciting and fun partner games with a small change. Put a big envelope of cash and a romantic wish you have for your partner before them and let them decide.

Origami Games

Making origami together can be a lot of fun for creative couples. Having more fun and being more creative together can spice up your relationship. Even if you don’t know much about origami, you can make something like this.

Look for videos you want to make with your partner on YouTube and pick one. All you require is a bunch of various coloured papers. You may turn this into a game by making it competitive or timed.


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